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Be Prepared for Reopening

We aren't sure when we will reopen but we are preparing for that day by figuring out everything we need to do to keep ourselves and our clients safe and healthy.The salon operation will be very different from how we worked in the past. I've listed some things that will apply to all of us on how we receive clients. Please let me know if you have any additional ideas. Also, please read this detailed guideline from Barbicide

These are the things experts say we should do to help prevent the spread of the virus.

  • CLIENTS SIGN WAIVER: I want to make sure we are not held responsible if clients contract the virus from our salon. I also to want clients to tell us if they have had any symptoms or have been around anyone with the virus. We might also consider temperature checks. I have purchased two contactless thermometers for this purpose.

  • ONE CLIENT AT A TME: Each stylist or spa professional will only see one client at a time. That means no double booking. You will work on your client from beginning to end before your next client will be able to enter the salon.Please schedule your clients accordingly.

  • CLIENTS MUST COME ALONE: Clients cannot bring children, family members or friends with them. When they enter for their appointment they need to go straight to their stylists or spa professionals' station or room.

  • CLIENT AMENITIES WILL BE REMOVED: Our goal is to keep people from clustering together in close proximity to each other and to reduce the shared touch surfaces throughout the salon/spa. This means we will remove or block off waiting area seating for now. Clients need to wait in their car until you are ready to seat them at your station or your room. Magazines, candies, coffee, tea will also be removed for now. If clients need a drink of water we will get if for them at the front desk. Do not let your clients process their color in the shampoo sink or stay in the sink for a conditioning treatment.

  • PROTECTIVE GEAR MUST BE WORN BY ALL OF US AND OUR CLIENTS: Each of us working at the salon will wear masks and gloves at all times. I can purchase large bottles of hand sanitizer, gloves and masks for clients who don't have their own. I will need to be reimbursed by you for these products. But I think it's important for all of us to have the same procedures regarding these items.

  • KITCHEN/LOCKERS We need to rethink how we do lunch. I think we shouldn't all be touching the refrigerator and the microwave right now. Please get things in your locker, mix color at your station if you can. Spend minimal time in the locker/kitchen area. Eat outside of the salon or in your room if you have one.


  • Before client arrives sanitize all of your combs, brushes tools.

  • Wipe down station, chair, use new cape for each client.

  • Take your capes home each night and wash them for use the next day.

  • Put away any unnecessary items. Keep everything minimal and clean.

  • Increased amount of time between clients to clean and sanitize

  • Shampoo Bowls: After each client clean, spray with disinfectant and wipe down, shampoo bowl, spray nozzle and handles, hose and chair. Let disinfectant sit on these surfaces long enough to be effective.

If you don't already have these things purchase them soon:

  • Capes - enough to have a new cape for each client (I think capes should be taken home and washed and brought back so you are sure you have enough for clients each day)

  • Masks for yourself, gloves for yourself and your client

  • Hand sanitizer at your station (i can order these and collect payment when we open)

  • Disinfectant to spray brushes and tools

  • Barbicide jar for combs tools


  • Every 1/2 hour we will wipe down and disinfect areas that are touched frequently, door handles, counters, bathrooms, elevator buttons etc.

  • RETAIL: We will pull retail products for your client and bag them up we prefer not to use cash and to use credit cards. We will wipe down products before bagging them for your client.

  • Place sign on door to let clients know the procedures we are implementing


  • Wipe down door handle or open door yourself

  • Clean and wipe down appliances and surfaces

  • Clean and disinfect treatment tables, know that non porous surfaces cannot be disinfected

  • New wax on each client

  • Have single use applicators for multiple use products so you don't contaminate


  • Do the normal disinfection procedures of pedi spa, just make sure we do a thorough job

  • Make sure to use single use items; nail files, pumice stones etc.

FINES FOR NOT FOLLOWING PROCEDURES: If procedures are not being followed we will have to consider fining those who do not follow procedures. I'm hoping we won't have to do this but if we have reoccurring problems we will enforce compliance with fines.

It is so very important that we all follow the same rules to keep ourselves, our clients and our business safe. One positive case of Covid 19 will have a negative effect on all of us. Let's go slow and think through everything that we do.

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4 comentarios

Hi Chrissy, are you going to prepare a generic waiver we can all use or should we look into creating our own?

Me gusta

How much are they?

Me gusta

Carla Varra-wren
Carla Varra-wren
21 abr 2020

They have disposable capes we can purchase.

Me gusta

Carla Varra-wren
Carla Varra-wren
21 abr 2020

They have disposable capes we can purchase.

Me gusta
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